Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank you Courtney!

Thank you to Courtney Saunders for your order! Please send in pics of the banner and centerpiece from the party! And of course any word of mouth referrals would be appreciated and I would be honored to receive them! Thank you again and pictures to follow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you to Anna Marie Sansone and Tiffany DuBois for your orders. Please feel free to send in pictures of your items on display and I will post them on here. Thank you again!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mod Monkey!

The Mod Monkey Collection is so cute for your own little monkey! One of my good friends asked me to help out with her little girls birthday party and of course I was thrilled she asked. So while coming up with sweet Isabella's theme, she said "I call her my little monkey" which was a great start! These pics are all done for a girl monkey themed party but I can also make this as a boys theme as well. Not only for birthday parties but also great for baby showers too! Please email me for any orders 

Fancy Nancy is here!

Let's get "Fancy" with this Fancy Nancy Collection! This collection was so much fun to make with all the pinks and purples it has to offer. From the "Ooh La La" door sign to the RSVP cards, you can completely customize everything.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beautiful Pictures

 It brings a HUGE smile to my face to see not one but TWO of my designs brought to life in these pictures of this adorable little girl. This is a light pink and brown tutu with a light pink hair piece to match. So simple but adds so much to this incredible picture. Thank you to Alisa Sue Photography and Sabrina Kozachuk for letting me use these beautiful pictures. If you or any of your friends have little girls that are getting professional pictures done or just simply want to add to their dress up closet, please email me at to place your order. Thank you!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Read all about it!

So excited that I just received my first "official" Etsy order from the Car's Collection. I will have the whole Fancy Nancy Collection up by this weekend as well as the Mod Monkey Collection coming very soon.

Also excited to announce that one of my tutu's and flower pieces will be photographed by Alisa Sue Photography this weekend. Pictures to follow....

Please come back and check out all the new collections soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Terrific Tutu's and Beautiful Bows to match!

I'm so excited to be rolling out my very own "tutu" line and some hair bows to match. The whole line is handmade and custom ordered so therefore when you purchase you will need to allow at least 1 1/2 weeks to receive your order depending on where you order from. The prices range from $21.00- $26.00. All you do is choose your design and colors then let me know if you have any special requests (length, etc.). The tutu's are great for professional photos, costumes, holidays, and even your favorite sports team. Here are some pictures from a Fancy Nancy party I am designing. All of these are "fancy" inspired with pinks, purples, white, and red. Tutu's are a perfect way for your little girl to feel like a princess. Some of the tutu's can have coordinating hair pieces to go with. I only have one picture of that so far but should have more soon.  If you are interested in purchasing please email me at for more information or find me on Etsy!

*** I love special requests so if you have any ideas that you can not put to life please let me know and i will do it for you! ***

A big thank you to Alisa Sue Photography for collaborating with me on all the photos. For more information on her services please visit

Handmade tutu’s for all the princesses that want to add a fairytale dream to their life. My entire line of tutu’s are made to order and are perfect for professional pictures, holiday outfits and even your favorite sports team! You choose any color/colors and the design you would like and then I will start making your little princesses’ dream come true!

Size Chart: (This chart is based on an average size per age)
Newborn                      15 Waist                      6/7 Length
3-6 Months                  16 Waist                      6/7 Length
6-12 Months                17 Waist                      7/8 Length
12-24 Months              18 Waist                      8/9 Length
3T                                19 Waist                      10/11 Length
4T                                20 Waist                      11/12 Length
5/6                               21/22 Waist                 12/12 Length

*** I RECOMMEND measuring your princess prior to placing your order especially around the waist. That way there will be an exact measurement. The waist is made out of elastic so it will stretch some after she wears it multiple times. How to measure?   The most important measurement is the waist. Just use a soft measurement tape and measure around her smallest part of the waist. Make sure to not do this over thick or bulky clothing! All of the tutu’s will be the suggested length of the princesses’ age unless otherwise stated. For instance if you need it to be just above the knees or knee length you would need to measure that as well. Just start at the waist where the tutu will sit and measure down to where you need the length to be. *** There might be an additional charge added on if you request a longer length.***
How to care for my tutu? When you receive your tutu please hang it on a hanger and let it air out.  It will be shipped and most likely will be bunched up and wrinkled from the shipping. To fluff your tutu just hold the waist band and shake it. To straighten the tulle hold the waistband with one hand then just run your fingers through the tulle inside and out with the other. You are going to want to slightly pull down on the tulle to make it straight. In the event the knots do loosen again slightly pull down on the tulle to make it tighter. Spot cleaning is easy just use water and mild soap. Any other questions please contact me and ask away!!!  

1.      One color all the way around.
2.      Two colors- every other one.
3.      Two colors- one in the front and back and then the other on the sides.
4.      Three colors- 2 colors in the front and back (every other one) then another color on the side.
5.      Three colors- (similar to #2) So the colors would alternate every third piece of tulle. 
***Please read: The picture posted with this listing somewhat alter the way the tutu looks. The dress form the tutu’s are modeled on is an adult size and the tutu’s are made for a much smaller size. They are very full and fluffy but these are a little stretched out since it is on the dress form.